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2019 Webinars

Building Leadership and Organizational Capacity for Health Equity

In order for state tobacco control programs to advance health equity, organizational infrastructure to support this commitment requires transformation of internal culture, policies and practices. We simply must approach health equity from the inside, out. This 60-minute webinar will provide participants with real-world examples of capacity building for health equity, including strategies for integrating equity into our practices and processes such as strategic plans, performance plans, funding opportunities, and programs and services.

Featured Speaker

Megan Gaydos Project Director, Human Impact Partners

Wednesday, March 27th
3-4:00 PM ET

Equity in Budgeting, Procurement and Contracting

When budgeting, procurement and funding allocation decisions are made, tobacco control programs are making statements about their values, priorities and commitment to health equity. This 60-minute webinar will guide participants in the exploration of strategies to address institutional and structural barriers to equity faced when developing program budgets and allocating funding. In addition, we will review changes that can be made to procurement and contracting processes to also reflect the equity we strive to promote.

Featured Speaker

Julie Nelson Director, Government Alliance on Race and Equity

Wednesday, April 24th
3-4:00 PM ET

Embedding Youth Engagement in Policy, Systems & Environmental Change

Youth engagement has a long history in tobacco control. However, over the past ten years there have been critical transitions in the ways state tobacco control programs have chosen to involve young people in policy, systems and environmental change efforts. This 60-minute webinar will highlight proven strategies for integrating youth voice and action into evidence-based, comprehensive tobacco control programming. If you are wondering what youth should be working on and would like to hear expert colleagues reflect on how they successfully engaged youth in their comprehensive state programs, this webinar is for you.

Wednesday, May 22nd
3-4:00 PM ET

Reaching Those Who are Smoking Most: Authentic Engagement to Reduce Cessation-Related Disparities

Many tobacco control programs find it challenging to build authentic partnerships with organizations led by, and serving, those populations disparately impacted by tobacco’s harm. Even more challenging is the ability to leverage the trust resulting from these partnerships to appropriately tailor cessation and target interventions to specific populations of smokers. Learning how to do both is imperative if we are to address significant tobacco-related health disparities and motivate quit attempts among populations least likely to do so successfully. Join speakers as they unpack and explore practical, concrete and proven strategies for reaching and engaging communities to develop interventions that resonate for specific populations of smokers.

Wednesday, June 26th
3-4:00 PM ET