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2018 Webinars

Health Equity: Clarifying Our Language and Reflecting on Our Practice

This 90-minute webinar will begin with a review of the definitions for health equity and health disparities. Presenters will underscore the value of erasing ambiguity between these two terms often used inter-changeably within tobacco control and clarify their important intersections. Using six foundational skills and practices of public health as a framework for exploring health equity, participants will then be introduced to examples from the field that highlight ways to incorporate the goals of health equity into programs, policies and practices. The webinar will conclude with a brief introduction to the recent monograph that synthesizes the research literature on tobacco-related health disparities to prepare participants for a presentation by the monograph’s scientific advisor, Pebbles Fagan, PhD, on the June NTCP conference call.

Target Audience

Tobacco control program managers; health equity leads; health communications leads

Wednesday, June 6th
3-4:30 PM ET


Evaluating Statewide Coalition Impact: Developing a Continuum of Measures and Indicators

Coalition success includes a number of interim achievements such as network development, skill building and incremental gains in policy development. As a result, coalitions need a continuum of measures and indicators to evaluate their impact. Webinar presenters will highlight the importance of evaluating statewide coalitions by exploring indicators related to policy goals, as well as indicators related to the health of the coalition. Following a formal presentation, webinar participants will break into five (5) regionally-based breakout groups for 35 minutes to share and problem-solve real-world examples of coalition evaluation from their own experiences. Groups will reconvene for the final 15 minutes of the webinar to highlight discussion outcomes.

Wednesday, August 1st
3-4:30 PM ET

Changing Our Language to Motivate People and Systems to Change

This first webinar in the 2018 series will introduce participants to a strategic framework originally developed by Metropolitan Group to guide health equity-related strategy development and communications. The framework of context, heart and head supports the shifting of policies, systems and norms by connecting an issue with the existing values and worldviews of stakeholders and delivering calls to action that are compelling, well-received and acted upon.

After a brief introduction to the topic, webinar participants will join facilitated “breakout sessions” so that application of the framework to current health equity and other tobacco control program priorities can be explored in smaller, regionally-based groups.

Target Audience

Tobacco control program managers; health equity leads; health communications leads

Featured Speakers

Kevin Kirkpatrick Senior Executive Vice President/Principal, Metropolitan Group

Learning Objectives

After attending this webinar, participants will:

  • Understand Metropolitan Group’s framework of context, heart and head and how to apply it to health equity priorities; and
  • Have increased awareness of how to apply the framework to other tobacco control program priorities through discussion with regional colleagues.

Wednesday, February 21
3-4:30 PM ET